Calorie tracking ui kit

Speed up your nutrition app project with this Figma UI kit that helps people get in shape. Premium app screens and components available in dark 🌚 and light 🌞 themes.

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What’s included?

This kit contains two Figma files one dark and one light version, all vector layers 📁, uses a free font family by apple 🔠, and includes beautiful open source icons by Feather ✅.
Full Screens

Organized variants

Prototype done within the Figma file, you can clear the prototype to start fresh.

Dark theme available

Separate dark and light theme files to keep design systems simple.

Adapts to any screen size

All templates look flawless on every iPhone, including iPhone X, iPhone 8

AAA contrast accessibility

All text and background contrast ratios are based on WCAG Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase a kit?

You will receive an email. There, you will see a link to download the files associated with your purchase, you will be directed to a download page.

Do I need a Gumroad account to purchase?

Nope! Just pay for the product and be done with it. You can create an account after the purchase, in order to access your files, you can do that through the receipt.

Do I have to buy fonts & icons to use this kit?

Nope! This kit uses a free San Francisco font family by apple and includes open source icons by Feather loaded in the file.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Discover, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Maestro, PayPal, Google and Apple Pay.

Full Figma live preview available

View all of the screens included in the file. The ui kit is organized in flows to preview the steps to complete each action. Available in dark 🌚 and light 🌞 themes.

Easy checkout via Gumroad, no sign up needed.

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