Calorie and Macro Tracking app

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Mobile App: UI Design, UX Design.

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In this project, we worked on a professional mobile app design. The design language needed to be modern, dynamic, and scalable to set up for feature updates.

Project Goals

A full MVP mobile app design in dark mode, with an optimized user experience to compete with leading calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal.

Onboarding Flow

This flow concentrates on obtaining user information to generate a custom goal. It takes you through the multiple details, filling step to set up the account. Helping the user know how many steps with a progress bar reduces drop-off rates.

Home, Dairy and Progress screens.

Charts, when done right, can help viewers understand complex data. They can help reveal patterns in their wheight, provide context, and describe relationships within datasets.

Recipe Breakdown

Discover new recipes, find foods to your daily journal and understand each macro brakedown for each meal.

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