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Food Advisor App

Helping people scan food items while shopping to get their nutritional information


The goal is to help the user get nutrient information quickly and help them decide what is good and what is bad while shopping, it also lets them know if the product contains nutrients with intolerances, allergies or not suitable for their diet.

Scan your fruits & veggies

The scanner helps users find the nutrient information of a food item. Just take a picture, the app will scan the item, then it will give you results based on the photo taken.

Find what you need

Users expect smooth experiences when searching and they typically make quick judgments about an app’s value based on the quality of one or two sets of search results.

Save and compare items

Comparison is one of the most critical activities users perform. In many cases, it’s a necessary step before the user chooses the right recipe or food item. The first step to enabling comparison is providing consistent information for all items.

Share recipes & items

One of the key flows for organic growth is sharing, so it is crucial to make an effortless user experience to maximize user to user sharing.  

On boarding & profile

Instead of telling people how your app works, we help them understand why they need to use it. We show them how the app integrates into their lives. The profile shows the items saved by the user. Creating a profile allows users to save recipes, items, people, and come back at a later time to access them.

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