App design & websites for your digital product

I’m Isaac & I help tech companies design apps & websites with a strong focus on strategy.

We design apps for any development platform, from native iOS and Android, to Flutter and React Native.

Our Capabilities

Digital Product Design

We design products from the ground up and upgrade existing apps. Every project includes strategy, wifreframing, prototyping, and user testing for the best possible outcome and development handoff.

mobile apps
desktop apps
human experience design

Marketing Websites

Convert your visitors to customers with a website that prioritizes your success metrics. We use Webflow to quickly make copy or image changes without a developer or hand it off to your content editor to update via a user friendly cms interface.

webflow development
cms integration
mobile friendly
email templates

Research & Strategy

We reduce risks by researching to make decisions based on real evidence and uncover how a target audience interacts with the product to help identify project goals, milestones, and KPIs.

user journey maping
competitive analysis
market research
success metrics

Visual Branding

It all starts by understanding the product, business and audience. By doing market research and interpreting data, we create and execute the branding strategy to help position your business on top of your competitors.

design systems
identity development
visual language
style exploration
brand guidelines

A process that facilitates collaboration



We define objectives, do market research, explore trends, and align success metrics to create a solid foundation to kick start your project.

1 to 3 weeks



Before diving into the details, we create a lofi prototype to test ideas, and to make sure the content architecture is aligned with the goals from our strategy sessions.

2 to 4 weeks


Usability Tests

This will help us to identify changes required to improve user performance and find out how satisfied participants are with your website or app concept.

2 to 3 weeks


High Fidelity

We execute the visuals with assigned colors, assets, typefaces and micro interactions to produce a high fidelity prototype. We test again to avoid minor details before handing off the delivebrales to your dev team.

3 to 4 weeks
All deliverables include a clickable Figma prototype, ui design system, a hi fidelity prototype for micro interactions, and a video outlining the main flow like you see showcased on this website.
New Figma Template!

Calorie tracking app ui kit

Speed up your nutrition app project with this Figma UI template that helps people get in shape. Premium app screens and components available in dark 🌚 and light 🌞 themes.
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"Absolutely loved my time with Isaac —wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we did without him. Not just a visual designer, he’s a design unicorn; that perfect mix of design & engineering, and a unique ability to translate complex business needs into simple, beautiful, functional prototypes and products. Grateful to have worked with him."
Bandsintown Founder, Former CEO & VP Product
Todd Cronin
"I have worked with Isaac on numerous design projects in the past and have always been impressed by his attention to detail, creativity, and depth of design knowledge. He has played a major role in creating designs loved by millions of users and has a real passion for great design."
Sr. Product Manager at SolidProfessor
Matthew O’Rourke

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we start a project?

Send an email to with an overview of the project.

Where can I find your work?

To view more videos and app screenshots go to dribbble.

How much do projects cost?

Starting at $30,000 USD for web and app design projects.

Where are you based from?

San Diego, California USA - Pacific Time Zone

What tools do you use to design apps and make websites?

Webflow for implementing websites, Figma for design and strategy, Protopie for hifi prototyping.